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Jeffrey A. Nahigian
Senior Economist

Jeffrey Nahigian, a Senior Economist, has over 20 years experience analyzing utility operations and rate design issues.

He received a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning from the University of California, Davis, in 1986. He also holds a B.Mus. degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  In 1986, Mr. Nahigian joined JBS Energy.
Mr. Nahigian has analyzed cost-of-service and rate design issues in California, Nevada, Arkansas and Alberta including review of marginal and embedded electric and gas distribution and customer costs, residential baseline rates, customer charges and time-of-use rates, and interruptible electric rate design. He was a member of the rate unbundling working group for California electric restructuring.

He has 15 years’ experience with the analysis of line extension rules in several jurisdictions and of energy and water utility issues affecting mobilehome park tenants. 

He has reviewed conservation programs of utilities in Georgia, Texas, and the District of Columbia for prudence in implementation and cost-effectiveness. He wrote a white paper analyzing conservation strategies for targeting large industrial users of natural gas. He has also reviewed the energy efficiency programs of California’s four major gas and electric investor owned utilities and evaluated third-party bids for local efficiency programs. He is currently involved in the evaluation of advanced meter deployment in California and has been a featured speaker on this topic for various national and international utility and metering conferences.

He has reviewed avoided cost methodology and policies for several clients, calculated emissions and emissions values from utility power plants, and reviewed nuclear power plant performance and costs. Mr. Nahigian was the lead analyst for a comparative study of the costs of San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) and other California utilities. He served on an advisory committee to the California Energy Commission on transmission policy under Senate Bill 2431.

Mr. Nahigian was manager of two projects analyzing the Rancho Seco nuclear plant and alternatives to it.   He was an alternate member of the SMUD Rate Advisory Committee in 1990-91.

Mr. Nahigian has testified at the California Energy Commission on conservation policy and technical issues, nuclear plant performance, forecasts of future Qualifying Facility (QF) projects, municipal utility demand conformance, and the economics of returning mothballed fossil plants to service. He has filed testimony and formal comments at the California Public Utilities Commission on electric and gas cost of service and rate design; line extension issues, adjustments of gas load forecasts for energy efficiency; utility distribution capital spending; water rates for mobilehome parks, and SDG&E's fuel budget.  He provided expert testimony before the Los Angeles County Superior Court on electric rates for mobilehome parks and before the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board on line extension policy.

Mr. Nahigian has also analyzed and provided testimony before the CPUC on the California electric utilities’ applications for approval of various industrial and residential demand response programs.

 Before joining JBS, Mr. Nahigian was a staff analyst for the California Independent Energy Producers Association in 1986.




Jeffery A. Nahigian

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