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AquaCalc Beta Testing
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Welcome Beta Testers!

The AquaCalc Pro Plus is now in its second round of beta testing, what we are calling a “public beta”.


Beta testing is a phase that a product goes through before a full production release to shake out any bugs that the manufacturer and developers didn't find in-house.


We are now in the second round of Pro Plus software beta-testing, the first round beta-testers were very helpful and thorough and found some embarrassing bugs. We knew they would. 


“Thank you” first round beta testers!


Beta Tester Responsibility

A beta tester's responsibilities include communicating with JBS whenever you have a question about how the AquaCalc works or if something isn't working like you expect it to. This helps us improve the user experience. Don't be shy, tell us what’s wrong and tell us what you want.


Greg Ruszovan
JBS Energy / JBS Instruments
(916) 372-0534

AquaCalc Pro Plus USB Drivers

The AquaCalc Pro Plus has a USB connection built in. To use the USB connection on your Windows computer, you will need to install the AquaCalc Pro USB drivers.

  1. Download the AquaCalc Pro Plus USB Driver 6.5 (AquaCalc_Pro_Plus_USB_Driver_6_5.zip 3.4 Mb) compressed zip file from the JBS website.
  2. Unzip the file by right clicking the file and selecting “Extract All ...” from the menu that pops up.
  3. Run the AquaCalcProPlusUSBSetup.exe file in the folder that you extracted to. This will install the USB drivers onto the computer.
  4. Connect your AquaCalc Pro Plus using the USB cable and turn it on. Windows should  show a window “Installing hardware device...”.
  5. After Windows finishes installing the hardware, your AquaCalc will appear in “Device and Printers” with a Communications port assigned to it (such as COM7).
  6. Go to the Connection screen in your AquaCalc Pro Plus to download section measurements. The AquaCalc Pro Plus must be in the Connections screen before trying to download measurements using DataLink 3.

AquaCalc DataLink 3 BETA

The DataLink software has been completely re-written, and also needs beta-testing.

DataLink’s main function is to download section measurements from the AquaCalc Pro Plus. It will now communicate with the AquaCalc and send a list of files available for download. You will then be able to select which of the measurements to download, where to put them, how to name the output files, and choose whether to delete downloaded measurements from the Pro Plus. DataLink will then download these and save them automatically. After downloading, you can review your measurements using graphs and reports.

DataLink also works with older AquaCalc Pros and AquaCalc 5000s, but not automatically. You will still need to press a key on these AquaCalcs to manually send DataLink 3 a section measurement.


Install DataLink 3

DataLink 3 is installed from the JBS website. Go to the Install DataLink 3 webpage . Click the Install button on the next page and choose the “Run” option to install DataLink. DataLink needs several components provided by Microsoft. If you do not already have these components, the setup program will download and install them automatically.

Note that the help files in the beta version are not complete.


AquaCalc LLC. telephone +1.916.372.0534 e-mail: sales@aquacalc.com

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