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Downloading an AquaCalc with a Pocket PC
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A a Windows Mobile / Pocket PC type device can be used to download measurements from an AquaCalc. In addition to the standard AquaCalc and AquaCalc Download cable, this will require that the user have:

  1. A serial RS232 cable with a DB9 connector for the mobile device.
  2. Software for use on the mobile device that can access the serial cable and download and save the measurement.

Physical connections

Many hydrographers using PDA type equipment already have a serial connector that they use when downloading dataloggers. The data cable for the AquaCalc has a special connector that attaches to the AquaCalc and a standard DB9 / DE9 9-pin connector at the other end. It is the male DB9 connector on the AquaCalcs Data Cable that must be connected to the Pocket PC.

Different the Windows Mobile/ Pocket PC devices can use different methods of connecting the cable, including the use of compact flash cards with RS232 and DB9 connectors and wireless bluetooth adapters

Software for the mobile device.

Terminal emulation software can be used to download a measurement. Match the baud rate settings in the software to those in the System Preference Menu under  “4) Baud Rate” 9600 is the default setting in the AquaCalc Pro and is recommended in the AquaCalc 5000. One good source for terminal software is VxHPC from Cambridge software.


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