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AquaCalc 5000 G6a
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A Problem with the AquaCalc 5000 using Basic firmware version G6a

The AquaCalc 5000 using the Basic firmware revision G6a has a problem counting revolutions at flows greater than 8.5 feet per second. This results in inaccrate measurements at flows greater than 8.5 fps.

This problem does not occur with any other version of the firmware.

This problem is the result of changes made to the firmware to accomodate the inclusion of new standard rating tables for the Price AA meters. All older versions of the Basic firmware are therefore not affected, although you should consider upgrading your firmware anyway to accomodate the changes to the current meter standards mandated by the USGS..

Which version of firmware do I have?

See the Identify Version page for help in identifying your firmware.

How do I Upgrade?

We will be notifying all registered users that our records show have the Basic revison G6a firmware and will be shipping a replacement EPROM chip free-of-charge.. If you have not registered your AquaCalc, you may register online now, or register by contacting us at JBS Instruments.

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